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ALPEK MACHINE WORKS provides a variety of services from parts repair to manufacturing. We serve a variety of Industries including oil & gas, food, aggregates, mining, pulp and paper, transportation, energy, printing, utilities, and construction.

Our customers are located principally within the region covered by Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, with some in the U.S.A.

Parts are manufactured against drawings or using the old part as a template for the new. The company's professional expertise is used in selecting metals suitable for the replacement parts, but for critical duties this is augmented by the use of analytical services.

Parts may be collected by the customer or shipped. Many customer orders are short notice and the companyís ability to respond quickly to meet requirements is a key factor in its success. ALPEK offers a 24 HOUR SERVICE to support its customers. Gears, Gear Cutting, Gear boxes, Centrifuges, Large machining capacity, Machine shop, Welding, Oilfield, Aggregate, Mining, Pulp/Paper, Heavy industry, Construction industry, Pumpjacks, Pumpjack gearboxes, Lufkin gear boxes, Legrand gear boxes, National gear boxes, Taro gear boxes, American gear boxes, Portable line boring, Millwright services, Repair work, Precision machining, Production Machining

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